Best Places to Kite Surk in the UK

best-places-to-kite-surk-in-the-ukOnce you have introduced yourself to kite surfing, you will need to look for the best spots to be able to get the full enjoyment that this water sport offers you in the UK. While there are many to choose from there are some that the experts feel are better than others.

You may want to try St. Ives Bay in Cornwall. What is so attractive about this area is that the golden sands that spans three miles is a great starting point to begin your adventure. There is a great flat water spot in the bay as also some great swells creating some of the most exceptional waves. Before leaving Cornwall you may also want to head over to the Marazion. If you really enjoy this sports during the winter months, then this is one of the greatest locations for you to be. Those who surf here say that if the conditions are right, you will the most enjoyable surfing experience like none other in the country.

If Scotland is the region that is of interest for you, then take a look at what Troon holds for you, for a truly kite surfing experience. It lies on the west coast of Scotland and is considered to be the ideal starter spot for those who are new to the sport. There are larger areas for launching and landing, as also smaller waves that are easier to handle for the beginner.

Another great spot in the UK is at Lansing Beach in Brighton. After you have enjoyed some great kite surfing you can enjoy some time on the beach as well as there is a great beach side restaurant for some socializing.

These are just a few hot spots for kite surfing in the UK. As you begin to build your knowledge about this great sport, you are sure to find many other locations that offer some unique experiences as well as some prime conditions to enjoy the best’s kite surfing in the whole of the UK.