Kitesurfing In the Army – makes you fit

Kitesurfing is a water sport where the person makes use of the wind to skim across the water on a kiteboard. Old and young find it riveting as a big parachute type kite literally propels the rider across the water. You don’t need the ocean with its waves to kitesurf – you can kitesurf on a flat stretch of water too. Once you’re rigged up with your kite-surfing equipment, you’re set up because the wind is free. One thing is for sure, You use your entire body and legs to control the board as well as your arms to hold onto the kite, so you can look forward to becoming superfit.

shutterstock_90389650Membership is Free

Check out for military related information which includes kitesurfing in the army. The Army Kite Surfing Association (AKSA) isn’t only for those in the army – they want to make kite surfing accessible to everyone. They offer training and coaching as well as organised events around kite surfing. Membership to join is also completely free. This is useful because membership allows you to get discounts on courses as well as equipment. When you become a member of the AKSA you can become a kite surfing instructor, and of course one of the requirements for this is that you have excellent riding proficiency to ride upwind in 25 knots or more.

Get in on the Action

Once you have completed the instructor course, you’ll get a course completion certificate and this will be an indication that you meet full instructor status. You’ll be able to impart your knowledge at a recognised school. You’ll be able to teach about riding upwind, jumping, equipment tuning and much more. Kitesurfing has to be one of the most exciting water sports there is and growing quickly in popularity. It has become established in the army and the Army Kitesurfing Association was formed. If you want to join in on the fun and action, now is your chance to become a member and who knows where the wind will take you.