What Kite Boarding Equipment Do You Need?

You will find that you need seven types of equipment or items to set you up for a great kite surfing experience

Kite boarding kite

kite-boarding-kiteBasically your kite is very similar to a large kite and its purpose is to be able to launch you into the water and to plane you out in a structured way. Kites vary in size and you want to make sure that the kite comes with all of the necessary accessories such as the lines, pump, safety systems, bar and carrying bag.

Kite Board

Although a kite Board is somewhat like a wake board it has a different shape and it uses foot straps.


The harness is going to connect to your body and it is important that it fits well. There are two types of harnesses with one being the waist harness and the other seat harness


You’re will need a wet suit, gloves, hood as well as booties. All of these are particularly important when you are surfing in cool weather and cold waters.

Eye protection

While this may not be mandatory, it is a good piece of equipment to protect your eyes both from the sun and water.


Sunscreen is considered mandatory because you won’t realize, with all the fun that you’re having, that you are being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Carrying bag

You need a carrying bag to carry all your gear, so that it stays collected in one spot and you aren’t disappointed when you get out to the site and have forgotten something.

These are all the items that you need. You will find that they vary in price and options. There will also be many extras that you can buy, if you feel like. Starting off with good quality basics is going to give you a good start into kite surfing.